Clifton Bryant

I want to thank GCF and its staff for helping me fully complete my own youth development process. Before GCF I focused on being a carpenter and trying to get accepted to the union, but since then GCF has helped me gain and recognize skills that I have in the green industry and helped me apply to college. I am now working towards being able to design and build LEED certified buildings and love the fact that I can continue working sustainably.

Special shout out to these staff members: Andrew is the one that showed me the ropes during boot camp and what it takes to work hard in a smart way. From that knowledge my work ethic spoke for itself ever since. Jennifer, for consistently showing us that motherly love, and never giving up faith on me. Felicia, for helping me understand what it means to reclaim your time. Since then, I have been productive in entering the caves I once feared. Most of all, I want to thank Chevon. We lived three blocks away from each other and never knew but when I became a Sankofa member we connected and it felt like we grew up together. So extra thanks for constantly pushing me to do my best, helping me be a better man of understanding and making sure I never give up on chasing the bag.

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