Noah Clanton

Noah’s Testimonial:

I am someone worth believing in. My dreams, my hopes are all worth the effort and time it will take to put them together. I am 22 years old, and just now in GCF, I have found a place to foster these ideas.
I could have kept working at CVS, working on someone else’s dream, helping someone else get their life financially stable while I still live in public housing. GCF gave me a chance at redemption. I had thought I lost my one shot at being happy once I dropped out of college. GCF gave me a chance to ask myself boldly and honestly: ‘What do you really want to do in life? What are you willing to do to get there?’
Even when I faltered they did not give me up for loss, didn’t let me fall through the cracks like I had done so many times before. I was welcomed back with open arms and then they asked what they could do to help. I have finally found people willing to stand by my side. Never have I experienced this before.
So in honor of GCF and in honor of me; I, Noah Clanton, want to be a writer and a business owner. I am willing to work long days, nights and weekends. I am willing to recognize when I need help and will allow myself to get that help. I am going to push myself harder. I am going to enjoy my life, and help others do the same for their lives. Thank you Green City Force.

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