Chynell Barry

Chynell’s Testimonial:

What does Green City Force mean to me? Well, GCF means room for improvement, room for growth and room for opportunity. Before coming to GCF I was stuck managing/supervising a daycare for four going on five years. I enjoyed my job but there was no room for growth. I wanted to branch off and experience different opportunities. One day, I decided to stop being comfortable and do some research and look into doing National Service. I came across GCF and loved the idea to help preserve NYCHA, since I recently became a NYCHA resident. I also liked the idea of earning an education award, since I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work. The most important thing I learned in GCF is to Love Where You Live, meaning, taking care of the environment by not littering, by recycling and by being more energy efficient. I want to thank Mr. Lawrence Harris for helping me to get in the program and being my listening ear. I want to thank Joshua Owens for motivating me and telling me what I need to work on to make me stronger and a better Corps Member. I also want to thank my team leader Shaneé Lucas for accepting me on her team and giving me an opportunity to improve. In addition I would like to thank my good friend Tacarra Thomas for always being there for me and keeping me going. Last but not least I want to thank my mom and husband for keeping me going even when I wanted to give up.

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