Christopher Williams

Christopher’s Testimony:

Green City Force meant opportunity to me. I chose to become a GCF Corps Member because I wanted to gain job skills and build my resume. I later realized there was a bigger picture to GCF. Before GCF I was in Bronx Community College majoring in education. I’m so indecisive, I would change my major every other week. Before college, I was working as a security guard. During my time in GCF I’ve learned many things. I’ve improved my soft skills, such as replying to emails, changing my posture and greeting coworkers. I was exposed to many potential employment opportunities. I was fortunate enough to have secured a full-time job as a porter thanks to GCF, so after GCF I will be working and going to school part-time. I would like to thank all staff members. Each staff member has been great to me and extremely helpful, especially Christine, who is always smiling and brings positive energy.

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