Christopher Morgan

Christopher’s Testimonial:

What is Green City Force? ME!!! Chris Morgan is GCF. Green City Force is a great program,
starting with a long, heart-racing enrollment process leading to a great 6 month green job
training program. I walked into Green City Force very knowledgeable, but not as aware of what
this world has to offer young adults like myself. After my high school graduation, I went into
college and lacked success. Now that I have Green City Force’s support with its phenomenal
support services, tutors and career prep, I feel confident going out into today’s world to seek
an enjoyable future. At Green City Force, I learned that if you apply yourself to be a winner, you
will always feel good about yourself. Among all of the service I did, volunteering with Hurricane
Sandy relief efforts and working in soup kitchens were two highlights over my time here. These
things not only help you out in search for a job, the main thing is helping people who are in dire
need, with no place to go, no food, no home and worst yet, no family in sight. Green City Force
has encouraged us to really care about our communities. As an alumnus I would like to thank
GCF for taking the time to select me, work with me, and give me a breath of fresh air. Good luck
with future recruitment and good luck to future Corps Members on your road to success; hold
on tight to make your six month experience with GCF as fun, exciting, and surprising as mine.

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