Christopher Escoboza

Christopher’s Testimonial:

For me, GCF was a second chance to catch up in life. After Obtaining my GED, I didn’t know what to do from there. I wanted to further my education and increase my experiences. I saw a flier on my hallway elevator offering job training and a chance to make a difference. All I needed was a GED and the will to better myself. With a chance to go to college and achieve training, I took advantage of this opportunity. I chose to be a GCF Corps Member because I want to make a difference and become a better person to both myself and others. GCF gave me the opportunity to do this and more. Plus, I feel I’m making a difference. I learned how to correctly plant and transplant and went through trainings, both hands on and textbook. I can really say I am more experienced now than I was before I started GCF, from eating healthier to building my professionalism. Besides fighting food injustice and learning how to build farms, the most important thing I learned here at Green City Force, truly, is teamwork. We built three farms, grew food in them and did community engagement. Through the builds of the farms, I got accustomed to my fellow team mates. Through thick and thin, strengths and weaknesses, we all had a part to play, and we did it. I want to thank all the staff at GCF for opening my eyes and making me into the better version of me.

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