Carla Hernandez

Carla’s Testimonial:

Green City Force gave me a chance to grow with them in this Cohort. I was attracted to this
program and their ambition to create a more sustainable city and world by helping the
communities in which we all live and raising awareness. Coming straight out of High School
and unsure of what path to take, I decided to join Green City Force, where I have learned way
more than I expected. Every day has been a challenge and a new changing experience, from
learning to work with others and that my actions count, to learning about waste, greenhouse
gas emissions and the importance of using less to have more. I learned that I have some value,
and that with confidence and determination, I can go further than I ever imagined. I don’t take
this program for granted nor will I forget the people I’ve met. It is inspiring to know that there
are people who care and that change will come. I plan to stay involved in one way or another
to share this information or be a part of the “green” movement in my own life in college.

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