Samantha Caceres

Samantha’s Testimonial:

Before GCF, I was working odd jobs in factories. I wasn’t really doing anything with myself and I felt like I was going nowhere. Then I found Green City Force and everything changed for me. Green City Force means a lot to me because the program and staff really helped me find myself as a person. I developed a passion for urban agriculture and I grew more into an adult ready for the world. Green City Force offered more opportunities for me like training in urban agriculture, cooking and much more. I loved the experience I gained, such as working on a farm, training in urban agriculture, cooking, helping at a soup kitchen, and volunteering at a food justice conference. After Green City Force I want to follow a career dealing with the environment or urban agriculture. I would like to thank the whole staff for making the program the way it is and accepting me as well as being a good support system. I would also like to thank Gwen, the Farm Manager for teaching me about urban agriculture and other things I didn’t know about the environment.

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