Elijah Bullard

Elijah’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has meant to me an opportunity to participate in positive change, meet new people, and to step foot in not only an important growing industry, but also in greater awareness of our changing environment and its significance. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF because of an interest in the status of our global environment. I wanted a way to get a closer look as to what people are doing and discussing these issues. GCF also seemed like a place that would help prepare me for college and the steps ahead. One of the biggest things I’ve gained through GCF is insight on the operations of the United Nations and understanding some of the UN’s agendas concerning the global economy. Many people are so privileged by this society, that they do not realize the discord that exists when our technological achievements do not reach nations with low resources or those that are not part of the structure in power. On a personal level, I learned that 1) perseverance and hard work should persist through any obstacle and 2) life happenings can approach us faster than we think, but there is always a move we can make to change everything. After GCF, I plan on attending City College and studying Sound Engineering. With this new motivation I plan on laying down foundations for a studio recording business which can lead to many other ventures and opportunities.
I would like to thank the following Green City Force staff members who impacted my experience: Team Leader Elliezer and Junior Team Leaders Chris and Josh, who modeled being Staff members while also having the experience and familiarity of being Corps Members ; Irene for being understanding, helpful and realistic whenever talking with us to resolve conflicts; my fellow Corps Member Tim who was a light for everyone in the cohort and showed a genuine interest in seeing his peers succeed; Team Leader Lawrence for constantly leading by example and his words of wisdom; and Lisbeth for creating such an innovative program and giving the GCF family a place to call home.

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