Bryant Oropeza

Everyone has their own journey, their own story. Mine just happened to be that I had to drop my last semester of college because of deep depression. For six months, three as a GCF Corps Member, I was going through the toughest time of my life mentally. You just want to give up and call it quits sometimes. But I learned to cope and manage because that’s what life is about. The outside environment is out of our control so don’t depress or stress yourself about it. What I have learned as a quiet observer is that we tend to complain about the most mundane things in life, the irrelevant. Don’t always look five feet in front of yourself; look ten miles in front of you because when you do, you’ll see the bigger picture. You’ll see whatever was in front of you wasn’t actually anything big but it seemed that way because we didn’t want to change our perspective. Much love and appreciation to the GCF staff for helping me find myself during the lowest time of my life and helping me to grow and mature.

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