Daquan Brown

Daquan’s Testimonial:

Since August I have been in a cocoon, evolving into a higher being, who is ready to conquer the world. I still have a lot to overcome, but my cocoon (Green City Force) allowed me the time to work on what was urgent: my career. It still feels amazing that I was chosen by this organization to become a future leader in a new, innovative career field. Before I joined Green City Force I was a hopeless dreamer and now my goals and aspirations have grown into tangible ideas that could change the world. While in GCF I learned that it is important to be sustainable by preserving our Earth’s natural resources for future generations. After GCF the sky is the limit for me; I have plans to start a weatherization company in the near future after I obtain my Associate Degree in Business Management. I want to personally thank my Team Leaders Elliezer and Lawrence. I have grown to love and respect each of them as family and they have both been a support system for me my entire time in GCF.

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