Brazil Malik

Brazil’s Testimony:

“Can I get a time check!” team leader Lawrence would always say, and boy how time flies. I remember giving up on college and finding out that decision left my financial aid suspended. Most of my time was spent breakdancing on subway trains and finding other ways to make money. The honest truth is I did not know what was next for me and I ignored the fact that I did not have a job. I was focused on this idea of making it with my music and I did not need anything else. Deep down I knew there were steps in between and life lived beyond the music. It was not long before I came across a GCF flier and things began to make sense. Yes! The flier answered many questions. To make a great, long story short, GCF helped me become the best person I can be. My life has forever changed. I have a resume, bank account, great professionalism and great time management. All these skills I developed at GCF. I feel confident in myself. I am GPRO certified, BSP certified, I have had the opportunity to participate in the Love Where You Live Challenge, educating tenants on energy saving. I have helped build fences at farms and compost with residents of the community at Red Hook and even participate in a pie eating contest at the yearly Harvest Festival. I have witnessed amazing moments and met amazing people. I will never forget Dennis and Amanda for being there for me when times were tough. I will miss the GCF experience. I will share the GCF experience with others and I look forward to my future relationship as an alumni at GCF.

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