Sally Blakeney

Sally’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has been a great experience: a family, my support, and most of all change. Even though I’m a young African American mother from a low income community, I am not a statistic. GCF has shown me that with determination, nothing is impossible to achieve. After working a few dead-end jobs without career advancement, I wanted something more. I also was looking forward to going back to school when I became stable. After seeing the flyer and attending the information session for Green City Force, I believed that I could complete the six-month program. I also was excited about the different opportunities that would come upon completion. I’ve learned to market myself and step out of my comfort zone; to speak up in confidence and let my voice be heard because I am a leader. Employment is my main focus after Green City Force. I would like to thank all staff for helping me along the way, especially my Team Leader Jennifer Tirado for never giving up on me.

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