Nigeria Barr

Nigeria’s Testimonial:

Before I joined Green City Force, I was a college student majoring in psychology attending Medgar Evers. I had always wanted to work with children and I was striving to become a child psychologist after college, but after failing a few classes I wasn’t able to continue to receive financial aid to help finish paying for my tuition for school. For a year straight I wasn’t doing anything with my life; I couldn’t go back to school and I was unemployed. My sister stumbled upon a Green City Force flier and requested I join. Out of all the benefits the program offered, what stood out the most was the educational award, which was something I really needed to continue my education. I contacted GCF, went to the orientation and took the TABE test. Then I went straight to the interview that earned me my spot in the program. When I first joined, I saw to it that I was going to finish this program for my educational award that I needed. As time has passed, I have obtained so much more knowledge, met many new people, went to places I had never been before, and engaged in a lot of new and interesting activities. I also loved being able to work with children as part of this program. On the Urban Farm Corps, I taught what I had learned about farming to children in first grade. They were super excited when seeing and exploring the farm; it was a great experience. The school of those students has a curriculum solely focused on agriculture; so they already knew about farming, the importance of healthy eating, and many were already practicing healthy eating – that was just so beautiful. I’ve learned a few things from them as well. Throughout this program I’ve been graced with so many opportunities. After this program I want to continue to work with children.

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