Azriel Taylor

Azriel’s Testimonial:

Before Green City Force, I was working at a dead end job making $9.00 an hour as a maintenance worker. There wasn’t room for growth, but I settled because I didn’t feel I could find better. One day on my way home from work, my friend gave me a flyer. The flyer had a list of programs, but GCF stood out to me the most. I attended the info session and haven’t looked back since. During my time with GCF, I’ve grown professionally, mentally, and physically. I’m aware of the conflicts happening throughout the world that other youth overlook. I’ve interacted and connected with people that are truly amazing, and I’m forever grateful for being given this opportunity. The most important thing I’ve learned from being in GCF is that I have a passion for carpentry. I plan on going to BCC and taking Level 1 & 2 Carpentry courses. I would love to thank ALL GCF staff, Master Composter David Buckle and Sandy from BK Rot for the support and guidance they gave me when I thought I couldn’t push through.

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