Ashley Raysor

Ashley’s Testimony:

Green City Force was an opportunity for me to experience something new and gain new skills. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF because at that point in time I was unhappy with what I had done the past four years since I was out of school. I saw it as an opportunity to get out of the house and start doing something with my life. Before GCF, I was home looking for jobs, trying to earn money for school and to help my mother with bills. While in GCF, I learned if you really want to move forward in life, you have to make it happen. You can not sit and wait for fate to decide what happens in your life. I also learned it is important to make your presence known or recognized. My plan after GCF is to go to school for Graphic or Web Design or computer science and work part time. Along the way, I will find a job in those fields or find other steady jobs. I thank the staff and my fellow Corps Members for pushing me to become a better person.

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