Arthur Burney

Arthur’s Testimony:

What Green City Force meant to me was an opportunity to succeed, support and better myself as a person. I chose to be a Corps Member because I knew this program could take me far. At GCF, I learned how to become a better person. Before GCF, my body language and demeanor were immature compared to who I am now. I had to cross pretty rough bridges to get to where I am today. Things weren’t easy, but I gained hands-on experience and certifications to make myself more marketable. The most important thing I learned was professionalism, which helped get me into an internship with the Association for Energy Affordability. GCF showed me how bright my future really is and that it’s up to me to illuminate my own future. For that reason, I respect GCF more than ever. Besides training and certifications, the real gift I now have is being a responsible, mature and humbled young man. My plan after GCF is to use the soft and hard skills I gained here to stay employed and support myself and my family. I want to thank the whole GCF family, especially the staff, for everything. Thank you Dennis and Lisbeth. I honestly can’t thank you guys enough. Because of you, I realized I owe myself a brighter future.

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