Angelica Baez

Angelica’s Testimony:

My life before Green City Force was short of everything. I was struggling to find a career that I would enjoy and devote myself to. I chose to become a Corps Member because I had not come up with a plan for my life and was seeking guidance. During my time at GCF, I have learned more things than I could have ever imagined. From clean energy to sustainability, the past five months have been nothing short of amazing. I would like to think of the last five months as my beacon of hope to a much brighter future than the one I had in my head starting out. Some of the most important things I learned at GCF are that professionalism and dedication will get you far in life. I would like to thank the entire GCF staff in their continued efforts to help me not only become a better person, but also become more marketable to future employers. I am extremely grateful for all of you. I would like to especially thank my wife, Germella, for standing by me through it all and pushing me every time I wanted to give up.

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