Anfernee Edwards

Anfernee’s Testimonial:

I am glad I joined this program because not only did it help me build skills and seek opportunities, it also exposed me to what’s actually going on in our environment. What we did in Love Where You Live is basically go door-to-door and educate all NYCHA residents on how they can save energy, and why there is such a big impact if we do save energy. We also did a recycling initiative with GrowNYC and the Department of Sanitation. It’s similar to LWYL, but the difference is that now we push for NYCHA residents to reduce and reuse, and explain to them the impact it would make if we recycled. Since this program started I’ve also learned a lot about composting and I actually got a chance to compost. currently compost, now that I found out food scraps aren’t garbage. Overall I think GCF is a great job training program because they support you through everything, help your professionalism in the work field, teach you things you may have not known, and help you get a job. This is why I believe GCF is the greatest job training program.

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