Amathya Edwards

Amathya’s Testimonial:

I was broke, scared and on the verge of being homeless with a newborn baby when I applied
for Green City Force. I was almost certain I would be turned away after countless tries with
other jobs and programs. What was I doing wrong? Was it my approach? Why couldn’t I get a
job? I got that faithful call from Irene Shen a few months later. After a few nervous interviews
and a couple of tests, I waited for my next call. My last interview was terrifying. I couldn’t
get a baby sitter so my son sat in with me. Between Kenta and Dennis deep questioning and
Pharron (my son) crying 55% of the time, they asked me if I was prepared for a big commitment.
I said yes without a second thought. And I was in. I never thought that would be the start of an
unpredictable journey towards success. In the past six months, I’ve acquired a green thumb,
limitless patience, and a huge expansion of my skills, as well as more confidence. I don’t know
what I would be doing if I hadn’t been accepted. And now my future has changed from bleak to
promising. I am now trained as an energy auditor, with work ready credentials, and soon I’m
going to be BPI certified. I also gained a sense of purpose: I want to help people as well as
myself. I want to give Pharron the world, after I fix it for him first.

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