Amani Coleman

Amani’s Testimonial:

Before I joined Green City Force, I was working part-time and travelling across the country, searching for colleges and jobs. I learned about Green City Force about a year ago. I took a copy of a flyer I saw in my building, but then unfortunately misplaced it. When I finally found the flyer, I called the number. I had to go through a long process but it was worth it at the end. I have always been interested in learning new things and skills. While I was in this program I learned about the green sector. I learned that Green City Force gives back to the community by partnering with food pantries, and helping reconstruct homes for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Green City Force helped me develop professionalism and time management skills. Green City Force has also helped me become GPRO certified and gave me the Opportunity to do AEA training. I have received the opportunity to become an Intern with the Con Edison Green Team. The Con Edison Green Team helps family homes become more energy efficient by switching their old incandescent light bulbs to CFL bulbs, and helps install smart strips to help prevent brown and black outs, etc.. After this program I will travel and then work with a non-profit organization. I will also go back to college in the spring semester of 2015 and major in Physical Education. I want to thank the staff and team leaders who worked with me at Green City Force for keeping me in shape, and making sure that I didn’t slack off. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their organization. Thank you Green City Force!

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