Shallah Allah

Shallah’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has opened so many doors that I didn’t have keys for. I am now a better speaker thanks to GCF. I have always been into trying to recycle and not littering, but GCF has showed me other ways of “going green.” I am now more knowledgeable about what it means and how to go green. Thanks to GCF, I am now ready to join the workforce. I have enhanced my soft skills and hard skills. I feel that I can go out in the world and educate my peers about going green. I want to give a special thanks to Dennis, Lawrence, Kenta, and Ms. Shepherd. They have all helped, in their own way, to shape me into the person I am today. These past six months have been a great experience. I am looking forward to keeping in contact with Green City Force.

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