Alexis Grant

The most significant part of my Green City Force experience was the diversity of the people that I’ve met. Some people think that all we do is change light bulbs, but some people are also impressed because we’re people from NYCHA and we’re working inside of NYCHA. Before GCF I’d been recently laid off — I was told Friday that my last day was Sunday — and I realized that I no longer wanted a job, I wanted a career. GCF definitely saved me when they came through. I definitely want to thank Juan, Rosemary, and Makirah because they’re the people that kept me on track, motivated, and wanting to come to service. I also want to thank Rosalba, Precious and Nefratia. Nef was the best and most understanding. Precious for supporting our cohort, I can’t stress that enough, and Rosalba, when it seemed like things were against us. I definitely appreciate that.

To my employer: I have strong social skills which help me in all aspects of communication: customer service, reliability, and being adaptable.

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