Alexis Ezidore

Alexis’s Testimony:

Before Green City Force, I had just finished my first year in college. I was very discouraged and did not know what I wanted to do with my life. My mom saw the GCF flyer and suggested that this might be a good thing for me. I did not know what I was really getting myself into but I was very excited to go on this little journey. During the orientation, I was pushed out of my comfort zone by doing presentations in front of people I never met. I learned being nervous was understandable and that I should not let my nerves take control. Being a part of GCF, I learned to always be true to myself no matter what is happening around me. I am very thankful to GCF for providing me with a great team and a great leader, Elliezer. GCF has allowed me to learn from my mistakes and taught me that there are other things that I enjoy doing and am successful in.

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