Adonys Guerra

Adonys’ Testimonial:

Green City Force is one of many AmeriCorps programs, but to me, it is the top program. I was
just lazing around doing nothing in my daily life when I heard about Green City Force. I went
to the information session. During the info session I had a growing hunger to join Green City
Force; the more I heard about it the more I wanted to be a part of it. Once in Green City Force
time felt slow, but only because of how much I had accomplished during this training. I’ve
made many friends, met a lot of interesting characters, and gained invaluable skills. I learned
that staff, who originally intimidated me, were actually cool people trying to look out for what’s
best for my fellow Corps Members and me. If it wasn’t for Green City Force, I don’t know what I
would have been doing, but I am sure it wouldn’t have been as great as being in this Cohort.

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