Adalisa Ramirez

Adalisa’s Testimony:

Before joining Green City Force, I didn’t believe I was going anywhere and I didn’t have faith in myself. This all changed the moment I met Lisbeth Shepherd, who informed me of GCF as I participated in the Planters Grove community garden project. Since joining GCF, I’ve learned and done more than what I anticipated. I was taught the value of working as a team, and together we broke records. Turning 14 tons of compost was a moment where my team and I had the chance to just give up, but instead we motivated and pushed each other to finish ahead of time. I have learned what I’m capable of, and ways to help myself and others. This year has been my biggest accomplishment. Thanks to GCF’s partnership with GRID, installing solar panels is a set of indispensable skills that I have acquired. The feeling of completing these projects accurately and safely has been invigorating. Success cannot be accomplished without help. With this being said, I have to express my gratitude to my team and Team Leader who taught me what hard work really means, to David Buckel for teaching me great skills that I can utilize for any job position, Krystal Ruiz for demonstrating and teaching me great humility and genuine compassion, Tyrone and the GRID team who taught me structure and embraced me as family, and Dennis and Lisbeth for teaching me to have confidence. I am more than grateful to have become a part of the GCF Family.

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