Adah Hill

My time with Green City Force has been very challenging in a good way. GCF has shown me how to use my voice in any way possible that will help my community, the planet, and myself. Before becoming a Corps Member with GCF, I was on unemployment, applying and seeking work wherever I could. I came across the organization when they were outside my building doing an info-session on the energy team; I knew I did not want to do anything with energy, but he gave another option. When he spoke about urban farming, I thought about my ancestors, and also me being able to change the world and my community one step at a time, killing two birds with one stone. I just knew I wanted to be a part of the movement. My ten months serving with Green City Force as an AmeriCorps Member have shown me to love myself before trying to love others. It has also helped me to express my emotions and speak up for myself, because at the end of the day you have to realize your feelings matter as well. So, I give Felicia Prince a special thank you for helping me achieve that goal. It is sad to say my time here has come to an end, but the journey does not end, it has just begun.

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