Abdul Usman Testimony

I have always had the passion and interest towards any cause that works to help the development and empowerment of not just the people within my community, but throughout the whole world. That’s why i joined Green City Force. Before GCF, I had a few volunteering experiences working with a non-profit organization called BuildOn that works towards building schools in developing countries in Africa and South America. I had also been volunteering at my community mosque to help instruct life and religious lessons and also teach basic Arabic language to children and teenagers from diverse backgrounds. Coming to GCF has pretty much contributed to strengthening the love and passion I have for wanting to support and educate the community on issues that are very crucial to human and environmental development.
I would like to thank all of the GCF staff family; from the Founder to the Team and Assistant Team Leaders for making my learning experience a remarkable one. Now I feel proud to say that I have so many doors and opportunities opening up to me because of your relentless efforts to inspire.

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