Page 151 in Back to Work by Bill Clinton

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Green City Force is honored to have been mentioned by Bill Clinton in his new book, Back to Work.

Released in 2011, the New York Times called Back to Work Bill Clinton’s “prescription for America’s future.” Read the excerpt from page 151 below.

“Just painting the roof white can cut a building’s energy use by up to 30% on a hot day. Every flat tar roof in every city and town should be painted white…a program in New York, the Green City Force…train[s] young people to do this work. A majority of them have been able to parlay their experience into high-skilled training programs or better-paying energy jobs. And lowering the electric bills 20 to 30 percent in every apartment or office frees up cash that utility customers can spend on other things.”

President Bill Clinton
Back to Work, p. 151

Corps Member Derrick Brown with President Bill Clinton at CGI America 2011. Photo credit: Adam Schultz / The Clinton Global Initiative

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