How to Make Compost Tea

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This blog post was contributed by Urban Farm Corps Member Shamon Williams of Team Sankofa.


Urban Farm Corps Member Shamon Williams.

So for starters, compost is a mixture greens, fruit peels and seeds, meats, bones, dairy products — (some prefer not to use meats, bones or dairy products because they have a long life span when breaking down and attract rodents) — wood chips (carbon), and about 50% water. When you over-water the compost it releases a sludge that, honestly, you don’t want to come out because it has the microbial species and nutrients that live in compost.

Now, compost tea is very similar because you take compost (I believe you can use the sludge too), put it in an aerated bag, put that bag into water, and aerate it. This causes the perfect setting for microbial reproduction and before you know it the whole body of water is populated with millions of this beneficial species and ready to be bottled and sprayed on to your plant life directly.
This is what you would call compost tea. Beware though, because you can harm a plant as well as save its life with it. Too much of a good thing for anybody/anything can turn into a bad thing.

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