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The Urban Farm Corps Members of the Week are honored for their dedication to service, their work ethic and their commitment to upholding GCF’s values. The Corps Members of the Week of July 17 are below as announced by their Team Leaders at community meeting.

Team Seva

KeenanaKeenan Edwards

This Corps Member is extremely dedicated to service, as is apparent by his near perfect attendance and punctuality, and having over 400 hours already this month. He is able to motivate the team even at our lowest points with his great attitude, humor and positivity. His work ethic is infectious, and he inspires other team members around him to give 110% when they feel like they’re starting to fade. He also inspires our outside partners, many of whom have been so moved by his energy that they’ve called or written to me just to express their appreciation for him.

MariaMaria Martins

This Corps Member’s dedication is also apparent in her perfect attendance and punctuality. She is always present, focused, and diligent both on the farms and at Green City Academy. Beyond her performance in the field, she is a motivated team player, and extremely dedicated to her fellow team members — whether it’s calling them at 4:30am to wake them up and make sure they get to service on time, or supporting them when they’re going through a hard time. She is so invested in Seva, she can even do a perfect impersonation of every single person on the team, apparently her team leader included, though I haven’t personally seen that one yet… This Corps Member is Maria Martins!

Team Sankofa

20170707_141806Laura Sevrin

This corp member has been observed on numerous occasions in the field with her pen and pad recording new findings and discoveries.When It’s been a long day on the farm and I finally get home, sit down and look over my emails, there’s nothing more motivating for me than to see her name in my inbox inquiring about some scientific term I mentioned in our daily discussions. That right there inspires me!! to know that I sparked a light in the brain of our youth and you continued to feed that light, is all I ask for from each and every one of you Corp Members.  That for me is like the sun’s energy to a plant. Laura, I want you to know that you are smarter and mentally tougher than you think you are. You are very aware of things, you are extremely observant, you think before you act, in fact you think too much sometimes. You portray the characteristics of a genius. You must Believe in yourself, push yourself and most importantly be confident in every single thing you do! The future belongs to you and the world requires your voice so use it don’t lose it!


20170628_143705Adah Hill
This corp member is the queen of being passively aggressive. The aggression she has for wanting to obtain knowledge to advance forward in life and be happy and successful reassures me that their is hope in the future. She’s such a star and has such a humbled demeanor. Adah I’m going to need for you never to settle in life I need you to push yourself and keep that same energy regardless if the road is bumpy or smooth. Don’t settle for good Adah, be great.






Team Swaha

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.51.58 AMTyrone Robinson
Day in and day out I have witnessed this Corps Member display their commitment to service. Not only have I observed, but I’ve heard from other Team Leaders and Farm Managers how much of a pleasure it is to have this Corps Member serving at each farm site. Taking on daily tasks, completing assignments efficiently and effectively, expanding their comfort zone all while building up their own professional brand. For upholding Green City Force’s pillar of service and staying focused because there’s great work to do. CM of the Week is none other than Tyrone Robinson.





FullSizeRender.jpgChantel Kemp
This member is up before the sun. Always on and doesn’t seem to turn off. Their passion is the fuel that keeps the fire burning. This member is dedicated to not only change our communities, but their friends, family members and them self. With a mind full of ideas to change the world and upholding the GCF pillar of sustainability, CM of the week goes to Chantel Kemp.

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