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The Urban Farm Corps Members of the Week are honored for their dedication to service, their work ethic and their commitment to upholding GCF’s values. Meet the Corps Members of the Week below, as announced by their Team Leaders at community meeting.

Team Swaha


Isha William
This Corps Member of the week is very special and has been a long time coming. Throughout the week this Corps Member has stepped up and taken the initiative to work by my side. In every area from making sure the farms are in the best shape, to harvesting, weeding, integrated pest management, learning crop rotation and companion planting. This Member has gone up and beyond.

Congratulations to Isha Williams for achieving Corps Member of the week. Now, there is still more work to be done and Isha has proven she is ready to push herself to the next level.

Team Sankofa


Roger Nunez
This Corps Member stood out to me one not only because he was new to the team, but because he exhibits so much professionalism and attention throughout service. This was his first week of service for Sankofa and he jumped right into the swing of things. I could tell Roger was excited for this new look, and that stood out to me because that tells me he embraces change. Throughout the week Roger was anxious to learn and even more anxious to have a power tool in his hand. We had such a productive week with Roger’s helping hand and we look forward to many many more. Roger thank you and congrats on being Corps Member of the week!

Team Seva


Daniel Silvia

I had to call this Corps Member out last Tuesday for being a little bit moody lately… I have to say I think I’m going to start calling him out publicly more often, because the transformation I’ve seen has been huge. He impressed our partners at BK Rot this week with his incredible work ethic and positive attitude, despite not having volunteered to be one of the team members to work with them. The fact that he can work well and be positive despite doing a task he didn’t sign up for is an important skill in the working world.

I can also tell he is hungry for more opportunities, from when he asked me if he could get to do an internship like Chantel is doing. I’ll reiterate what I responded when he asked, which is that if you want an internship you will have to work so hard that you literally stand out to the point that a partner approaches us and requests you personally. That said, Daniel, I’m confident that if you want it you can get it, and I would happily write your recommendation.

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