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The Urban Farm Corps Members of the Week are honored for their dedication to service, their work ethic and their commitment to upholding GCF’s values. The Corps Members of the Week as announced by their Team Leaders at community meeting.

Team Swaha


Roger Nunez
Within the last week there was a Member of team Swaha who showed me that no obstacle will get in the way of achieving their goal. During the week before, this Member had ups and downs with their punctuality. In service, the performance was unaffected, always getting the job done effectively and efficient.

Roger, you have shown me that you are committed, and ready to step up in building your brand. Even when it feels like everything is stacked against you, you stay focused and find a way to push through and stay true to your word. Continue to put in time and effort, and you will see your transformation.

For upholding GCF’s pillar of service. You are the CM of the week for team Swaha.


Team Sankofa


Porch’e Brown
This Corps Member has been very valuable to  team Sankofa since the very beginning. What I admire most about this Corps Member is her genuine personality and gift to influence others around her. You are a great listener and it is extremely inspiring for me to witness first hand the passion you exhibit to continue your journey on becoming a better person than you were the day before. You are surely a leader, believe that. Keep growing, keep smiling and no matter what don’t ever let anyone get in the way of that. Congratulations on a great week Porch’e.





Team Seva


Keenan Edwards
This Corps Members has consistently shown commitment, endurance, and grit. He is a team player with a no-one-gets-left-behind attitude, but simultaneously jumps on every opportunity for personal growth and his own professional development. Keenan, I am so proud of you for taking advantage of everything this program has to offer, and for giving back with your great attitude and demeanor. Congratulations on your second Corps Members of the week achievement!

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