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The Urban Farm Corps Members of the Week are honored for their dedication to service, their work ethic and their commitment to upholding GCF’s values. The Corps Members of the Week for the weeks of July 24 and July 31 are below as announced by their Team Leaders at community meeting.

Team Swaha


Jeniece Pratt
This Corps Member has demonstrated consistency in the Urban Farm Corps since the very first official day of service. Not one time has there been a complaint even if it was a task that this Member did not want to take on. There are times when this Member may have been frustrated but it is never shown or taken out during service. The work we do is never taken as a burden, but as a challenge. A challenge to change our environment, health, and ourselves. For never missing a step, always being punctual, requesting that I smile, and upholding the GCF pillars of service and justice. Corps Member of the week for team Swaha goes to Jeniece Pratt.




Green City Force Cooking Competition at Bay View Houses Farm

Kittima Gladney
This corps member came into the Urban Farm Corps already set on a mission. Since the first official day of Service, this member had a solid foundation. Grit by grit, brick by brick, they continued to build up their own brand while using GCF’s platform to shine.

There is still more work to be done and this is only the beginning. For showing focus and commitment all while upholding the GCF pillars of service and justice. Kittima Gladney is team Swaha’s CM of the week.






Team Seva


Daniel Silvia
This Corps Member likes to try and blend into the surroundings sometimes. He’s a quiet guy, and thinks that he can get away with just doing his work and going unnoticed. But I notice you, Daniel! I notice that you’ve had perfect attendance for five out of the last six weeks. I notice that you haul the heavy, smelly compost tumbler over to Added Value from the Red Hook Houses Farm every Friday, even when no one else shows up to help you. I notice that you take ownership and pride in the quality of the work you do, and pay careful attention to details when at the farm, composting, or in Green City Academy. I notice that you ask pointed questions so you can make the most of your time and get as much out of GCF as you possibly can. I notice. We all notice. So keep up the good work.




Janell Ruiz
I told this Corps Member at the uniform ceremony when I was announcing my team that I think she may be the most dedicated Member of Cohort 14, after coming to service and even running with the rest of the group after having sprained her ankle. Now, three months later, she pulled her ACL and is still making every effort to come and do service so that she doesn’t fall behind on her hours. Janell Ruiz, I really wish you would stop injuring yourself, but I’m so proud of the way you overcome the obstacles in your path and are committed to this program and your own personal development. You are unstoppable!





Team Sankofa


Clifton Bryant
Day in and day out team sankofa depends on your performance. Your versatility to complete whatever tasks at hand makes you so valuable to our team. Whenever Sankofa needs a lift its you who takes the lead to pick us up again. We appreciate the energy and spirit you bring to us, you bless us every day during service. On the behalf of team Sankofa we want you to know your Hard work never goes unnoticed.








Adah Hill
Adah you continue to prove yourself to be a major part of the core of team sankofa. Through our highs and our lows you have consistently kept an outstanding level of professionalism from punctuality to your everyday body language. Your character is a gift to us that we all value very much. Yet again you have earn the title cm of the week, keep the great work up!

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