“This experience means a lot to me as someone who could be serving 3 years or more (Eli is part of an alternatives to incarceration program, Common Justice). The opportunity to help in my community is extraordinary. This chance has helped me to find a career pathway, not only combating global warming but also environmental injustice. I believe that our built environment should never harm the natural one.”

Eli Penalver, Green City Force corps member

“Before this job I was stuck and didn’t know what to do next. After I graduated from high school, I looked for work right and left and there was no luck at all for me until I found GCF. It has been a great learning experience for me in teaching me what I should do next for my community and for my life.”

Desiree Pabon, Green City Force corps member

“My life before Green City Force was one of much helplessness and not caring about a lot of things going on around me and with others. I was at the point in my life where I wasn’t working and wasn’t getting interviews. GCF gave me a chance to show my skills and become part of the corps. They helped a young black man believe that I could do something with myself if I train and strive for it. I see many changes in myself. I’m more vocal now, and more knowledgeable about the green industry. My reading and math grades have improved and my all-around demeanor has changed.”

Jarrett Rice, Green City Force corps member

“While working with Green City Force we were supplied with an educational environment so we can excel farther than where we were. From being here I have learned that through all the injustice in the world you may think you can’t succeed, but hard work and a good attitude will prevail through all.”

Leroy Daly, Green City Force corps member

“My eyes were opened to plights and wrongs going on in the world which drive me to be a better and more complete person through sustainability and an increased effort in eco-values. The program taught me not to waste so much, whether it be water by not flushing a cigarette butt down the toilet or something as simple as tossing a bottle in a recycling bin. The staff not only educated us in the field and the classrooms but also got us ready for the real world with career development. I hope to take the lessons I’ve learned here with me and keep them in mind and heart and just strive to be the best I can possibly be.”

Randy Quintana,  Green City Force corps member

“Being part of the Cool Roofs movement has changed my life.”

-Dejon Barnes, Green City Force corps member

“Our challenge has been to cover half a million square feet of roof in NYC. I am excited to be part of this goal to be able to lower CO2 emissions in the air and help our environment. First we clean the roofs; then coat the roofs twice with a white reflective paint. Since we work as a team we have accomplished those roofs like they were nothing. “

-Stephanie Santiago, Green City Force corps member

“Through doing the multi-family audits I got another skill and experience under my belt. I got to work with people from Community Environmental Center. We were trained for a few days on how a building audit should be done. We also learned the different types of heating mechanisms there are, what type of bulbs are in buildings and how many watts they are, and how to use a machine called a gas detector and a carbon monoxide detector. With multi-family, if you pay attention to details the only thing stopping you is yourself.”

Stephanie Santiago, Green City Force corps member

“I knew teamwork meant working together to get a job done, but I didn’t really grasp the concept of collaboration until I joined. I was so used to doing things on my own because I had to and that was my everyday reality especially being a single parent. I achieved so much training in different aspects of energy efficiency that I never took the time to find interesting before, such as providing energy audits related to replacing lighting fixtures, installing Energy Star refrigerators, testing carbon monoxide levels, replacing smoke detectors, and cleaning air ducts. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. As a Green City Force Corps member I am proud to say that this program has broadened my horizons.”

Tyesha London, Green City Force corps member

“I never knew before Green City Force how much the planet earth was using all of its resources and not replacing them. It feels good knowing that my work and the work of my fellow corps members is helping to reduce that problem. I can now teach others things I learned while in the program, and share the experience with others in my community so that they are motivated to go out and help the green movement. Green City Force is going to help change a lot of lives.”

Jarrett Rice, Green City Force corps member

“I wasn’t much of a recycler or much of an anything that was good for the environment. Now I actually want the world to reach its day after tomorrow. But I’ve learned that it’s reached it, in different parts of the world, and in our own backyards. And now I want to help restore the planet’s vitality.”

Wilson Feliz, Green City Force corps member

“I am a Green City Force AmeriCorps member. One day I hope to lead my own non-profit, and inspire people young and old to work hard, and be catalysts for change in a changing environment.”

Jordan Temple, Green City Force corps member

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