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This blog post about an extra service event was contributed by Urban Farm Corps Member Shamon Williams.

20180107_134334Mulchfest is a time after Christmas when you bring your Christmas tree to a local site to be turned into mulch which can be used in many ways (I will further discuss this later). Saturday and Sunday, January 6th and 7th, was Mulchfest this year, (I’m unsure if this is the usual date for Mulchfest as it was my first time going).

I attended Sunday’s event at Gowanus Canal Conservancy with a few other Cohort 14 Members and volunteers. We were split into teams with large vans, trucks, and 4x4s with open space in the back. We were given an area to work. Once we got to our selected areas we went down the blocks dragging trees to the corner. It was very cold but hard work kept me warm.

We made multiple trips back to the site to break the trees down into mulch before taking off to get other piles. This was an experience in itself. I had never seen a wood chipper up close and personal, let alone use one.



It was a new experience and well worth the hard work. This event is meant to give back what we took out of the earth. Mulch is widely used by farmers to suppress weeds in and outside of farm beds. This happens because large pieces of wood chip suck up large amounts of nitrogen. It’s also used for compost as the carbon part of the composting recipe.

Mulchfest is organized by the NYC Parks Department. The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) also picked up Christmas Trees left on the curb between January 2 and January 13.


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