Meet Tarik Kellman, GCF Alumnus

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Tarik_cropped-smallTarik Kellman

From Edenwald Houses, Bronx
GCF Alumnus, Graduate of Love Where You Live Corps Cohort 8, 2014

“I see the looks from those in my neighborhood when they see me in my GCF uniform and I can tell that they want to be a part of something bigger than the nonsense that they see every day.” – Tarik Kellman

Current Position:
Handyman, promoted from Porter
at C&C Apartment Management

C+C Apartment Management, LLC prides itself on a proactive approach to management which allows us to anticipate and deal with problems and situations before they occur. We view our role as a customer service specialist. We always ensure that the right decisions are made to achieve the needs and goals of our clients, investors and residents.

Achievements at Green City Force:

  • Gained certification as a Green Building Professional (GPRO) from the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Trained in Lighting Surveying and Auditing/Retrofitting with Envirolution, 2014
  • 40 Hour Solar Installation Course with Grid Alternatives, 2014

CMs at TL Lawrence's houses for roof survey Osei, Tarik and Kareem GCF at Marcy

Read Tarik’s full graduation testimonial below:

Green City Force has made a significant impact on my life by teaching me about the harmful effects of excessive consumption of our resources on the environment. I have learned about the different components needed to build and maintain an energy efficient building while also improving the environment around us. I have been fortunate to be a part of this program because the level of violence in my community has skyrocketed to new heights. GCF has helped deter me from wasting my time on the streets and has kept me in the books. I have been lucky enough to be a part of a solar panel installation, service devoted to packing healthy food for elderly people, and a project in which I trained by rebuilding homes for the victims of Superstorm Sandy. I achieved all of this while learning proper business etiquette and pursuing an opportunity to advance to college. I see the looks from those in my neighborhood when they see me in my GCF uniform and I can tell that they want to be a part of something bigger than the nonsense that they see every day. I will continue to absorb all of the information provided to me so that I may continue to ascend to bigger and better opportunities.

A message from Tarik in 2016, after starting work at C&C

I am 24 years old and I live in the Edenwald Housing development. I started as a porter for C&C and most recently, I was promoted to the title of handyman. My educational background has grown to be quite diverse since high school. I went to Alfred E Smith high school not too far from Bronx Chester. I was a student under the automotive mechanic’s trade. I went to a job training program called Henkels & McCoy upon graduating high school. There I was taught the the intricacies of computer technology and I also received my osha10 card.

Soon after I was working at a Moving company called FlatRate Moving prior to my joining Green City Force. During GCF I was fortunate to take part in a solar panel class. During this class of one week I took part in a two day install. In that time we provided a family in New Jersey with affordable solar energy. Also during GCF I earned my GPro certificate for Green Professional training. The Obstacle I have had to overcome would be not becoming a part of the negative, unproductive neighborhood in which I live. I am an avid reader and am always researching information. I love to learn.

For the Future My goal is to in some way teach. I love history in particular and have always found it to be fascinating. I have been thinking about this for years and was serious until last year. Although I am developing a passion for teaching due to my love of public speaking, I am committed at this point to C&C. Teaching may have to wait another fifteen years.

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