Meet Clifton Bryant, GCF Alumnus

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Clifton Bryant

From East River Houses, East Harlem, Manhattan
Graduate of Urban Farm Corps Cohort 14, 2018

“My experience with GCF, working outdoors in all weather conditions, was really beneficial in this role… I’m also bringing a sustainable mindset. I know that I’m not just putting up solar panels, I’m increasing energy efficiency and helping NYCHA become more sustainable.”
– Clifton Bryant

Current Position:
Solar Installer at Bright Power.





Bright Power is a leading provider of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management solutions for the real estate industry. Their suite of services includes solar design and installation, energy audits, energy procurement and more.

Achievements at Green City Force:

  • Gained certification as a Green Building Professional (GPRO) from U.S. Green Building Council
  • Completed OSHA-30 construction safety and health course
  • Awarded Green City Force’s Leadership Award.

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Read Clifton’s employment testimonial below:

“The best thing about my job is the opportunities- opportunities to make more money, network, learn and possibly grow. My experience with GCF working outdoors, in all weather conditions was really beneficial in this role… I’m already experienced being out in the farm in any weather. Bright Power is a lot like Green City Force in that we’re working with teams, under a team leader. Just because you’re working on a contract or project doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay there, you have to adjust. It’s all things that I had experience with through GCF.

I’m also bringing a sustainable mindset. I know that I’m not just putting up solar panels, I’m increasing energy efficiency and helping NYCHA become more sustainable. I’m also proud to be working on NYCHA developments- it would be one thing to be working downtown, but I know that I’m working in my own community and improving the urban environment. The Solar1 training was also incredibly helpful, just being in their labs is informative. People’s eyes light up when I say that I completed a Solar1 training. The office talk and the field talk is different too. If you listen to what you learn in GPRO, the information helps to have conversations with people in the office and understand the big picture of what we’re doing.”

Read Clifton’s graduation testimonial below:

“I want to thank GCF and its staff for helping me fully complete my own youth development process. Before GCF I focused on being a carpenter and trying to get accepted to the union, but since then GCF has helped me gain and recognize skills that I have in the green industry and helped me apply to college. I am now working towards being able to design and build LEED certified buildings and love the fact that I can continue working sustainably.

Special shout out to these staff members: Andrew is the one that showed me the ropes during boot camp and what it takes to work hard in a smart way. From that knowledge my work ethic spoke for itself ever since. Jennifer, for consistently showing us that motherly love, and never giving up faith on me. Felicia, for helping me understand what it means to reclaim your time. Since then, I have been productive in entering the caves I once feared. Most of all, I want to thank Chevon. We lived three blocks away from each other and never knew but when I became a Sankofa member we connected and it felt like we grew up together. So extra thanks for constantly pushing me to do my best, helping me be a better man of understanding.”

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