Krystal Is Fighting For Climate Justice One Panel At A Time

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“During my time at Green City Force, I learned that anything you can see you can grasp as long as you put your full effort into your endeavors and have passion for what you do.”

Krystal Ruiz graduated from Green City Force in 2014. Today, as Lead Installer at Grid Alternatives, she’s bringing New York City closer to our climate action goals, one solar panel at a time.

While at GCF, Krystal gained exposure and experience in green fields and discovered a passion for climate justice. “Green City Force gave me the knowledge I need for my health and my wealth.” Through GCF, she obtained an internship at GRID Alternatives, the nation’s largest solar nonprofit.

At GRID Alternatives, Krystal works to transform rooftops around the tri-state area. Mark Ruffalo’s 100%, a campaign of The Solutions Project, recognized Krystal as a Force for Clean Energy. Watch Mark Ruffalo interview Krystal here. The video below highlights Krystal’s work as a fighter for climate justice:


“In 2016, the U.S. solar industry created jobs 17 times faster than the overall economy.” (World Resource Institute, 2017). In NYC, the de Blasio administration has reported a quadrupling of solar (Office of the Mayor, 2017).

Nationally, GRID Alternatives has installed over 8,200 systems since 2004 and trained more than 32,000+ people. As Krystal’s employer, Peter Mandelstam, Tri-State Director at GRID Alternatives, is a GCF partner in change. Peter is a climate entrepreneur as well, read about his career in clean energy here.

How would you describe Krystal?

“Having come from difficult circumstances by her own description, Krystal possesses the rare ability to connect fully with our job trainees from NYCHA communities. She is both a GRID Lead Installer, and also a tangible example of the success that comes from hard work and solar training.”

You’ve invested in young people as employees and team members. Why?

“As a father and a renewables leader since 1991, I have seen more than a generation of young people mature into solar and wind installers and developers. They are the reason renewables are booming. Installations require workers, and GRID and GCF know that today’s job trainee is tomorrow’s clean tech productive member.”

What is your message to young people starting their careers? Should they be looking at solar?

“The expression is true: Do what you love and never “work” a day in your life. I feel honored to work in renewables and guide GCF graduates in this now mainstream industry where you can make good money, work with terrific, passionate colleagues, and fight civilization’s gravest threat, climate chaos.”

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