Green City Force + Unilever = Greatness

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As told by Team Swaha


On Friday June 23rd, 2017 Green City Force hosted 21 tenacious interns from Unilever at Wagner Houses Farm. The day started out with individual introductions as well as introducing why Green City Force is so important to our urban areas. We spoke briefly about farm based learning, cooking demonstrations and community outreach. All of which, just so happen to be our team’s specialties. We also spoke about the other components of our team and why they are so impactful on every farm we have. Soon after we set off to our main objective, weatherizing the plant bed frames with linseed oil.


The volunteers jumped right into it and truly showed the meaning of dedicated service. Not only were we able to completely weatherize the entire farm but we tackled 13 gallons of linseed oil to do it. In the midst of work, we all conversed about the various campaigns the volunteers were working on, the blessings of marketing and also about how amazing it is to be on the farm. There were even some volunteers that expressed a great interest in coming back to the farm. As we say in Green City Force “There was great work to do” and we accomplished that, together.

More photos from the day below:

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