Graduate Speaker Anthony Williams on Training

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The following remarks were written and delivered by Anthony Williams for the Love Where You Live Cohort 15 Graduation on May 4th, 2018 at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Anthony reflects on the Green City Force pillar of Training.


Cohort 15 graduate Anthony Williams speaks on the GCF pillar of Training.

Where I grew up, no one I knew really cared about developing professionalism or building work skills. They were either concerned with getting to where the money was, playing sports or both. I was lucky because I realized at an early age that there was more to life and that only I could bring about a significant change in my life, but I just didn’t know where to turn. When I heard about Green City Force (GCF), I quickly realized that the training, mentorship, support and effort they put into helping youth, made it the right place for me.

When I was younger I played football, but nothing prepared me for the challenge I faced when I joined GCF. They helped me to break out of my comfort zone. GCF instills the importance of professionalism, networking, building transferable skills, and taking pride in your work. Somewhere between the trips to Con Edison and to Arcadis Engineering, it clicked with me that if I wanted a career and not just a job, simply just showing up to work was not enough, you show your value by applying yourself to your craft and going the extra mile.

I’m grateful for our Green City Academy days with Stephanie and Aram because even though I was sometimes half awake, they constantly drilled these ideas into our heads and had us constantly practice everything we learned. I’m also grateful for the training I received in the field with Precious and Rosalba because they helped to teach me of the value of hard work, showing up early and consistency. If it were not for the training I received with GCF I would have never been able to land a job with Franklin Energy as a Direct installer, which I just started a few weeks ago.

Training helps you become a better you, and GCF helped me to upgrade.

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