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GCF recently received strong endorsements from our valuable employer partners. See below.

David Seiter, principal at Future Green Studio, gave this perspective on our work:

“We were very pleased at the competency and professionalism of the grads of your program. We had the opportunity to hire 6 of your grads for a day long green roof installation at a high end residential building in Manhattan. Everyone arrived on time, worked hard and showed genuine interest in the tasks at hand. We went on to hire Darrell Williams and Waliek Juneol for a couple of weeks more of work.

GCF Graduate Darrell Williams

Again, we were really impressed at both of their level of professionalism. They both clearly demonstrated the characteristics we look for in employees – hard working, dedicated, and passionate.

GCF graduate Waliek Juneol

They didn’t complain when asked one day to do a extensive cleanup of our warehouse – some of which was hard physical labor. When they stopped in the office, they both inquired about what the drawings were on the wall and asked for further information on upcoming projects. That kind of commitment and inquisitiveness are traits I wish all our employees had . . .We’ve offered both Waliek and Darrell permanent jobs for the upcoming landscape season and look forward to meeting more of your grads in the future.”

The instructor who delivered the Building Performance Institute certification test to our graduates had the following feedback:

“I wanted to let you know that most of your students really understand building science well. Many of them were quite proficient at doing the blower door and combustion test, which is difficult for even seasoned technicians who are in the field every day. Considering the students have very little construction experience, it was very impressive. The students really learned from the training that they received prior to their field exams. You and your team are doing a great job and should be proud of what you are teaching these students. The students should be congratulated on the great job they are doing learning the difficult material.”

We thank our partners for their ongoing support of our graduates’ success.

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