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Farms at NYCHA, is part of Building Healthy Communities (BHC), a city-wide partnership designed to improve health outcomes in 12 neighborhoods in New York City. Through the initiative, young public housing residents are building and maintaining farms on public housing properties across the city to serve fellow residents, with local partners. The Farms expand healthy food access, provide youth workforce and leadership development, and promote sustainable and connected public housing communities.

Where are the farms and who runs them?
There are currently six farms. The farms are constructed and operated by 18 to 24 year-old NYCHA residents who are Green City Force (GCF) AmeriCorps Members. They partner with one local community organization at each site:

Location Community Partner
Bay View Houses, Canarsie, Brooklyn East New York Farms!
Howard Houses, Brownsville, Brooklyn Isabahlia Ladies of Elegance Foundation
Red Hook Houses, Red Hook, Brooklyn Added Value Farms
Wagner Houses, East Harlem, Manhattan Harlem Grown
Forest Houses, Morrisania, Bronx La Finca del Sur
Mariner’s Harbor Houses, North Shore, Staten Island TBA

How are the farms designed?
GCF Corps Members and NYCHA staff attend community meetings and gatherings at each development to get residents’ input on the farm’s plan and design. Residents are surveyed about location, size, and the crops they would like to be grown.

Who gets the harvested food?
NYCHA residents receive free produce in exchange for volunteering on the farm or bringing household food scraps to the farm stand each week. See below for the date and time of your local farm stand.

How can NYCHA residents get involved?
There are many ways to help out, and enjoy the benefits of NYCHA Farms:

  1. Volunteer to help plant, water, and weed in exchange for fresh produce.
  2. Bring compostable food scraps (fruit/vegetable peels, coffee grounds, egg shells) to exchange for fresh produce.
  3. Attend a cooking demonstration, or community event at your local NYCHA farm.

If you are a NYCHA resident age 18-24, with a high school diploma or GED consider becoming a GCF AmeriCorps Member!

About the Farms

bay_view_farmBay View Houses Farm

Location: Bay View Houses, Canarsie, Brooklyn. At the center of the development. The closest street address is 2085 Rockaway Parkway. Google map.
Size: 2 acres
Farm Stand: Every Friday, 10am – 2pm, June – November
CBO Partner: East New York Farms!


howard_farmHoward Houses Farm

Location: Howard Houses, Brownsville, Brooklyn. Behind the Brownsville Brooklyn Public Library branch at the end of Glenmore Ave. The closest street address is 60 Glenmore Ave. Google map.
Size: 3/4 acre
Farm Stand: Every Thursday, 10am – 2pm, June – November
CBO Partner: Isabahlia Ladies of Elegance Foundationiloef

Red Hook Houses Farm

Location: Red Hook Houses West, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Near 6 Wolcott Street between Dwight and Richards Streets. Google map.
Size: 1 acre
Farm Stand: Every Wednesday, 10am – 2pm, June – November
CBO Partner: Added Value Farms

wagner_farmWagner Houses Farm

Location: Wagner Houses, East Harlem, Manhattan. At 122nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Google map.
Size: 1/3 acre
Farm Stand: Every Saturday, 10am – 2pm, June – November
CBO Partner: Harlem Grown

wagner_farmForest Houses Farm

Location: Forest Houses, Morrisania, Bronx. At 730 East 165th Street. Google map.
Size: 1 & 1/3 acre
Farm Stand: Every Friday, 10am – 2pm, June – November
CBO Partner: La Finca del Sur
La Finca del Sur

Forest Houses FarmMariner’s Harbor Houses Farm

Location: Mariner’s Harbor Houses, North Shore, Staten Island. At 132 Brabant Street. Google map.
Size: 1 acre
Farm Stand: Every Saturday, 10am – 2pm, June – November


Wagner photo credit Harlem Grown. All other photos credit Green City Force. For more photos of the farms, visit our gallery page.

Led by the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Partnerships and the Fund for Public Health NYC, Building Healthy Communities aims to improve opportunities for physical activity, expand access to healthy, affordable food, and promote public safety in 12 priority neighborhoods.


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