Extra Service at P.S. 188

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This post about off-site extra service was contributed by Urban Farm Corps Member Adah Hill.

Saturday December 16, I served at Public School 188. It was a service day playing sports with all ages and it was one of the best service days I volunteered for. We played basketball and turned it into an exercise kind of tournament where we shot the ball and whoever missed had to do five push ups.

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There was a diverse mix of kids: different races, shapes, sizes and some disabled, just coming to have a great time where they feel loved, it was a beautiful sight to see. I was even able to teach a young girl how to properly throw a football. The look and excitement she had when the ball went flying was a site to witness and it filled me with joy. This outreach service goes to show that changes are being made, and as long as we are there for the youth, anything is possible. I was honored to be a part of that opportunity.

This connects with Green City Force’s mission of leading healthier lives. This particular service event gave children a opportunity to release energy engaging in sport activities. This is a form of social justice, assuring that children  of color are given the chance to have safe and healthy childhoods.

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