Corps Members’ Earth Day Message

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We asked the Corps Members of Love Where You Live Corps Cohort 16 for their thoughts on Earth Day, and here is what they said:

Rosemary Colon“Earth Day means a day of appreciation and reflection about the floating rock we live on. She’s been around for so long and we have very recently inhabited her space and scooped up the many resources she has to offer. However, we should be careful not to abuse it. Earth Day is a reminder of that.” – Rosemary Colon



Bryant Oropeza“I choose to be sustainable because it’s my duty and responsibility to everyone today and everyone tomorrow. I don’t get to abuse my privileges just because I have them and others don’t. That is why I choose to be sustainable.” – Bryant Oropeza



Alexis Grant“Green City Force has definitely changed my outlook on life itself and being sustainable. Before GCF, I lived day-to-day and honestly didn’t care about the Earth, recycling, and nature. I’ve always hated nature and honestly promoted the creation of urban buildings and tearing down trees, I have allergies (lol). But GCF has taught me that being oblivious to what the Earth gives us and wasting it will only make future disasters worse like global warming, higher pollution and even starving people. Being sustainable is literally saving lives.” – Alexis Grant


Kenneth Abbott

“I choose to be sustainable because I’m tired of the trash around my city and if humanity is supposed to be better than animals, how can we fail to do something every other organism on Earth does?” – Kenneth Abbott




Victor Simeon

“I feel green city means that everyone is taking care of the earth, or everyone is taking steps to create a ‘green city.’” – Victor Simeon




Dakwone Nicholson

“I choose to be sustainable because I like learning about the world and becoming green. I just wish that future youth take the planet more seriously than I did, but I thank GCF for the education and the chance to become a greener person.” – Dakwone Nicholson



Vilmarys Roman-Stuart

“Earth Day to me is a day when I appreciate the Earth and think about how I can change things I do throughout the year that harm the Earth.” – Vilmarys Roman-Stuart




Juan Irizarry

“GCF changed my view on sustainability by showing that people don’t really care about all the unhealthy stuff they give you. It’s you who has to choose to eat unhealthy or healthy. You have to help change everyone’s view now, so our future generations can be great, healthy, and ready to conquer the world later.” – Juan Irizarry


Kelvin Casimiro

GCF service has changed my views on sustainability by teaching me more about how greenhouse gases are made and what they do. They also taught us how to cut back on it.” – Kelvin Casimiro 




Rymik Reed

“What Green City means to me is that we’re helping out our community and making it a better place.” – Rymik Reed




Malik Adamson

“A Green City: A cleaner, more sustainable place to live. A place where people respect the environment and each other. A future goal to aspire to.” – Malik Adamson




Jahmil Mitchell

“My service changed my view on sustainability because I see how unaware people are when it comes to environmental threats. Also I’ve seen the different methods and steps GCF is taking to raise awareness and fix these problems.” – Jahmil Mitchell



Shaileen Roman

“I choose to be sustainable to do better for myself and to give back to others. It’s always better to move forward than to be stuck or work backwards.” – Shaileen Roman





“To me, Earth Day is pretty much a day where everyone does anything related to maintenance. People clean, make things clean, and try to keep it that way for 24 hours before going back to ruining everything the next day which is really sad. In my opinion, everyday should be Earth Day.” – Justin Kershaw

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