Corps Member Poetry: My Green Life Action Plan

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by Dashawn Harrington, Spring 2011 Graduate

Days go by and it feels like something missin
It’s like I’m on a mission but have no vision,
Till Green City Force came in fruition.

It open my eyes to the fact that my life was unfinished
So instead of the hood life and being an incandescent
I took Green City Force as a blessin.

GCF Spring 2011 Graduate Dashawn Harrington

So I went the good route instead of jail
Going through hell, can’t get bail to wanna
come home and now be a CFL.

So now life for me is like saving energy
Or life for me goes back to mistery.

So I figure out the applicances I need
to become a more efficient man;

And this is all the start of my
Green Life Action Plan.

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