Brownsville: Zero Waste in Shared Space Launches

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On October 20, the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (MOCTO) launched NYCx, an initiative designed to inspire creative and innovative solutions to our city’s pressing problems. Among the three initial programs, NYCx has two that target Brownsville. One of those Brownsville initiatives is “Safe and Thriving Nighttime Corridors” and the other is “Zero Waste in Shared Space.” Companies, teams and individuals may submit proposals and the winning idea will be backed by City resources and receive up to $20,000 to implement the plan.

On the latter initiative, the City is partnering with NYCHA and the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to reduce waste, improve recycling rates and keep shared space at NYCHA’s Brownsville Houses clean. Related to this, Green City Force Corps Members have served in partnership throughout the last year with DSNY and nonprofit GrowNYC to promote the rollout of recycling facilities at NYCHA through the authority’s “NYCHA Reycles!” campaign, by doing resident to resident education about proper recycling practices.

On October 23rd, GCF sent Empower Auditor and GCF graduate Benaiah Foster as our representative at the Zero Waste launch event.

Benaiah reports:
“The event was very informative on the new ways they plan on reducing litter and changing the culture in Brownsville . The project manager, Jose McClain, explained how several companies plan on changing the culture and reducing the violence in the developments. NYCx not only strengthens the community but it also creates more equity and inclusiveness . The young adults at the Brownsville Community Justice Center are using transversal technology to prevent the violence by creating apps and games that are joyful and uplifts individuals, instead of having them result to violence . There are a lot of young entrepreneurs and artists in Brownsville and this would give them the platform they need to showcase their talent. The residents in the Brownsville developments are also taking ownership in their environment by creating murals and waste-free common spaces. Jose emphasized that Increasing resident participation will be beneficial in changing the culture in Brownsville, and by the resident’s reactions I can tell they are embracing the changes and improvements . Overall it was a great event and I know that the project “NYCx” will be executed indubitably.”

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